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Dwayne Gomez is a photographer from Toronto Canada who has specialised in fashion and commercial photography for about five years and is currently adding food styling and photography to his arsenal. Dwayne was introduced into this industry by chance during his high school days when one of his courses was cancelled that semester and ended up taking photography. While he had no expectations for the photography course initially, it would ultimately play a huge role in his life going forward.

Dwayne has worked in Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*), Canada Philippine Fashion Week and was on the 2019 creative marketing team for Pride Toronto.

His passion has led him to collaborate with international modelling agencies and shoot in countries such as India, Japan, Southern France and Netherlands to shoot fashion editorials.

The endless possibilities of creativity is what draws him to photography. The ability to create a story that can affect the viewer emotionally from a single photo is what motivates him to continue creating.

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