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Natalie Kelley is a photographer from Atlanta, Georgia. She has been in photography for 11 years. Her specialties are Photojournalism, Wedding, Food and Fashion photography.

Natalie got her start in photography when she was a teenager, she realized she saw the world in a unique way. She saw the world in pictures and frozen moments in time. It wasn’t until she was able to put a camera in her hands that the magic clicked. Photography has been an outlet and passion that has led her to experiences that she would have only dreamed of.

Her passion and curiosity for life’s wonders has led her to Oklahoma City where she enjoyed time as a photography instructor for two years. She soon after became published in a history book depicting moments of life during the Covid-19 global pandemic. She was invited to be a part of the beginning year of Dallas Fashion Week where she curated professional relationships with other photographers, designers, models and agencies; which supports her desire to pursue more in the Fashion industry in the future.

Providing a more in-depth perception of life through her photography, Natalie has the ability to relate to a wide range audience. Impacting others through her creativity is what keeps her dreams endless and open to what the future holds. Her ultimate dream is to travel the world and experience an array of people, tribes, and secrets that nature may hold. Capture once in a lifetime moment and share those stories with people everywhere.

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